I investigate immune regulation mechanisms to identify markers of immune disease and targets for immunotherapy. My focus is on type 1 diabetes (T1D) as a paradigm for the pre-clinical diagnosis, prediction and prevention of autoimmune disease; I also am fascinated by immune-inflammatory mechanisms in type 2 diabetes (T2D).

After demonstrating the primacy of insulin as an autoantigen driving pancreatic beta-cell destruction in T1D, and its application as a therapeutic tool to induce regulatory anti-diabetogenic T cells, I conducted a series of trials to determine if a nasal insulin vaccine will prevent T1D in humans. To better understand environment-gene interactions in T1D, in the ENDIA Study (endia.org.au) I am undertaking microbiome, metabolome, epigenome and immunome studies of mothers during pregnancy and their T1D at-risk infants though early life.

Recently, I described a novel immune regulation mechanism whereby soluble CD52, released from activated T cells, suppresses other T cells and innate immune cells. We have made recombinant soluble CD52 from DNA in the lab and have shown that it suppresses inflammation in mouse models, including of some autoimmune diseases. These findings are patented, with the aim of translating soluble CD52 as a therapeutic agent into humans.


Selected publications from Prof Len Harrison

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