Wai-Hong Tham-Achievements

Wai-Hong Tham-Achievements


Selected achievements


2016 Kellaway Excellence Award in Education, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

2013 Future Fellowship, Australian Research Council

2011 Eureka Prize for Infectious Disease Research (Cowman Team)

2005 Australia Postdoctoral Fellowship, Australian Research Council


2016 Project Grant, CIC National Health and Medical Research Council

2015 Innovation Grant, philanthrophic donor

2012 Project Grant, National Health and Medical Research Council

2005 Early Career Researcher Grant, University of Melbourne

Service to the community

Co-chair, Molecular Approaches to Malaria, Lorne, Australia 2016

Chair, Malaria Gordon Research Seminar, Lucca, Italy 2013

Theo Murphy Think Tank, “Australia’s population: shaping a vision for our future” 2012

Super Content: 
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Research into malaria and toxoplasmosis, and the immune response to infection benefits from Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowships program.