Kelly Rogers - Capabilities and specialist services

Kelly Rogers - Capabilities and specialist services

Capabilities and specialist services

  • Physical containment 2 (PC2)- and Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR)-certified facility
  • Multidimensional data acquisition
  • Confocal microscopy, including high sensitivity GaAsP and spectral detection – linear unmixing and emission fingerprinting
  • Live cell imaging (widefield and high-speed confocal)
  • Widefield deconvolution microscopy
  • Small animal imaging using both bioluminescence and fluorescence techniques, including spectral unmixing
  • High-content screening system
  • Image processing and analysis, including two-, three- and four-dimensional data visualisation, parametisation and automation


As a general rule, no one is to use any of the resources within the facility prior to consultation and training with facility staff. This is both for your own safety, to ensure our microscopes are kept in an optimal condition and to minimise downtime.

We can arrange training sessions for anyone interested in becoming autonomous to use equipment or analysis software.

When starting a new project, we recommend you first consult with facility staff about your experimental design, so we can ensure you are capturing the highest possible quality of data. We also provide assistance to researchers for image processing and analysis following data acquisition.

A typical workflow for starting a new project with the imaging facility:

Typical imaging facility workflow

Requirements to obtain access to Centre for Dynamic Imaging equipment

  • Consultation with the manager/staff to discuss experimental design and resource requirements
  • Equipment training
  • Authorisation to utilise equipment autonomously following the completion of equipment and safety training