About the lab

Advances in fluorescence microscopy, such as the ability to perform high resolution imaging of specific structures in live cells over days, combined with automated methods for image analysis, have provided great insight into common human diseases. These powerful techniques provide a 3-dimensional view of biological specimens, as they change in time during development and in the course of disease.

Our mission is to work closely with researchers at the Institute to give them access to state-of-the-art microscopy and expert advice on how to advance their discoveries using imaging methods.

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Lab research projects

Lab team

Our team comprises a multidisciplinary group of imaging specialists, with backgrounds in biomedical engineering, physics, mathematics and biology.

Areas of expertise include:
* Live cell and intra-vital imaging
* Three- and four-dimensional imaging
* Two-photon imaging techniques
* Pre-clinical imaging
* Optical physics
* Quantitative analysis of biological imaging data

Enquiries from prospective Honours or PhD students are welcome.

16 members
Jenny Riedel
PhD Student
Ieisha Lyons
Research Assistant
David Bryan
PhD Student
Françios Olivier
Research Officer
Black and white photo of Marjan Hadian-Jazi
Dr Marjan Hadian-Jazi
Research Officer
Black and white photo of Aurelie Dawson
Aurelie Dawson
Research Officer
Jinny Chang
Research Assistant
Dr Pradeep Rajasekhar
Senior Research Officer
Black and white photo of Claire Marceaux
Dr Claire Marceaux Cazi
Research Officer
Michael Mlodzianoski profile
Dr Michael Mlodzianoski
Senior Research Officer
Black and white photo of Verena Wimmer
Dr Verena Wimmer
Senior Research Scientist
Dr Raymond Yip
Senior Research Officer
Black and white photo of Niall Geoghegan
Dr Niall Geoghegan
Senior Research Officer
Cindy Evelyn
Research Assistant
Black and white photo of Lachlan Whitehead
Dr Lachlan Whitehead
Senior Research Officer
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