Kelly Rogers-Confocals

Kelly Rogers-Confocals


Zeiss LSM 780

Equipment charge: AUD$50 per hour

AxioObserver inverted motorised microscope

  • 405, 470, 488 and 515 nm multi-line argon laser, 561 and 635 nm lasers
  • Spectral detection LSM 780 GaAsP 32+2 PMT
  • Transmitted PMT, DIC optics + range of high quality objectives for live and fixed imaging
  • Incubation/CO2 accessories

Acquisition software: ZEN 2010, including modules for physiology, FRET, FRAP, StitchArt plus and ROI HDR

Leica TCS-SP II UV spectral confocal

Equipment charge: AUD$50 per hour

Motorised inverted microscope with manual stage

  • Ar UV 50mW laser 351, 364 nm
  • Ar 100mW, 457, 470, 488, 514 nm, HeNe 1.2 mW 543 and HeNe 10mW 633nm lasers
  • 1–4 simultaneous channels, spectral range from 400–850nm

Acquisition software: LCS

Download the Leica TCS-SP II manual (pdf)

Zeiss LSM 5 Live line-scan confocal for live cell imaging

Equipment charge: AUD$50 per hour

Combined widefield imaging capability

  • Axiovert 200M fully motorised inverted microscope
  • 2 channels, DIC and phase contrast optics
  • Zeiss AxioCam MRm camera and broad selection of filters for widefield imaging applications
  • Diodes 50mW 405nm, 100mW 488nm, and 35mW 635nm, and DPSS 40mW 561nm
  • Piezo fast focusing z-drive
  • Incubation/CO2 accessories

Acquisition software: ZEN 2008 (for confocal) and Axiovision v4.8 (for widefield). Axiovision software with multidimensional acquisition, z-stack, time series, mosaix and mark & find modules.