Geoff Lindeman-Lab team

Geoff Lindeman-Lab team

Lab team

Our laboratory is aligned with the lung and ovarian cancer laboratories within the ACRF Stem Cells and Cancer division. 
We collaborate closely with the Bioinformatics and Molecular Genetics of Cancer divisions, as well as clinical collaborators at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, The Royal Women’s Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Jane Visvader, Joint Laboratory Head, BSc(Hons) PhD Adelaide

Bhupinder Pal, Senior postdoctoral fellow, MSc Kurukshetra PhD Melbourne

François Vaillant, Senior postdoctoral fellow, PhD Monash

Bianca Capaldo, Postdoctoral fellow, BSc Monash, BSc(Hons) PhD Melbourne

Florijn Dekkers, Postdoctoral fellow, MSc, PhD Utrecht

Michael Milevskiy, Postdoctoral fellow, BBiomedSc Qld PhD Qld

Raymond Yip, Postdoctoral fellow, BSc Hong Kong PhD Hong Kong

Zhen Siow, Clinical Fellow, Translational Research, MBBS Monash

Athena Chen, Research assistant, BSc California

Felicity Jackling, Research assistant, BSc(Hons) Melbourne PhD

Rachel Joyce, Research assistant, BBiomed(Hons) Melbourne

He Liu (Kevin), Research assistant, BMed Beihua PhD Melbourne

Caleb Dawson, PhD student, BSc(Hons) Melbourne

James Whittle, PhD student, MBBS(Hons) UWA BSc UWA FRACP

Kylie Shackleton, Project coordinator, BSc(Nursing) Deakin