Geoff Lindeman-Lab team

Geoff Lindeman-Lab team

Lab team

My team collaborates with the Smyth Laboratory (Bioinformatics division) and other cancer research laboratories at the Institute.
We have strong links to the clinic that include Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital, TransBCR, the Victorian Cancer Biobank, Breast Cancer Trials Australia and kConFab.

Joint-head of Breast Cancer Laboratory with Professor Jane Visvader

François Vaillant, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Monash

Bianca Capaldo, Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc Monash, BSc(Hons) PhD Melbourne

Rosa Pascual Domingo, Postdoctoral Fellow

Michael Milevskiy, Postdoctoral Fellow, BBiomedSc Qld PhD Qld

Laura Marruecos, Postdoctoral Fellow

Kristina Zaldivia, Postdoctoral Fellow

Luuk Heitink, Postdoctoral Fellow

Felicity Jackling, Laboratory Manager, BSc(Hons) Melbourne PhD

Elliot Surgenor, Research Assistant, SMBB LaTrobe BSc Wellington 

Amy Tsai, Research Assistant

Somi Kordafshari, Research Assistant

Kirsten Hogg, TransBCR Project Manager

Christina Muttiah, Masters Student

Rachel Joyce, PhD Student, BBiomed(Hons) Melbourne

Shirley Song, PhD Student

Serena Kane, PhD Student