Andrew Roberts-Projects

Andrew Roberts-Projects


BCL2 inhibition as treatment for blood cancers

A series of clinical trials and translational research projects that are developing venetoclax (ABT-199) and other BH3 mimetics as therapy for leukaemias, lymphoma and myeloma.


Mechanisms of resistance to BH3 mimetics

Definition of how cell lines, primary cells and samples from patients on clinical trials manifest innate and acquired resistance to BH3 mimetics.

Role of BH3 mimetics in treatment of myeloma

Identification of key BCL2 family proteins in myeloma, and how to target them for therapy.

Overcoming treatment resistance in Acute Leukaemia

In collaboration with colleagues at WEHI and partner hospitals, we study serial samples from patients on standard and experimental therapies. Using the latest single cell-omics, we charaterise the basis for resistance and design new strategies to circumvent this.