Professor Stephen Nutt, Associate Professor Lynn Corcoran, Professor Phil Hodgkin and Professor David Tarlinton standing

Five researchers from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute have been announced as finalists in three categories for the 2014 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.

8 August 2014
Professor Geoff Lindeman in lab

Breast cancer clinician-scientist Professor Geoff Lindeman has received a cancer achievement award in recognition of his contribution to Australian cancer research and treatment.

8 August 2014
Microtubule assembly image

An innovative iBooks textbook series that will revolutionise how school students learn and engage with science on iPad was launched this week, featuring Australian-produced content from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

4 July 2014
Dr Justin Boddey and Dr Brad Sleebs in lab

Melbourne researchers are homing in on a new target for malaria treatment, after developing a compound that blocks the action of a key ‘gatekeeper’ enzyme essential for malaria parasite survival.

2 July 2014
Ms Grace Liu and Dr Ross Dickens in a lab

Melbourne researchers have shown a type of leukaemia can be successfully ‘reversed’ by coaxing the cancer cells back into normal development.

17 June 2014
Professor Doug Hilton sitting at desk

The federal government’s investment in medical research through its $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund would secure a healthier future for Australians, the director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Professor Doug Hilton, said today. 

14 May 2014
Mr James Rickard, Mr Joseph Evans and Ms Joanne O'Donnell (L-R) in a lab

A team of Melbourne researchers has shown a recently discovered type of cell death called necroptosis could be the underlying cause of inflammatory disease.

12 May 2014
Dr Lukasz Kedzierski at lab desk

A protein called SOCS4 has been shown to act as a handbrake on the immune system’s runaway reaction to flu infection, providing a possible means of minimising the impact of flu pandemics.

9 May 2014
Professor Phil Hogkin and Dr John Markham at lab desk

Melbourne researchers have overturned a 40-year-old theory on when and how cells divide, showing that ‘parent’ cells program a cell division time for their offspring that is different from their own.

8 May 2014
Cyclist Chris Gruar with bicycle in front of institute

Australian cyclist Chris Gruar met staff and students at the institute while riding from the United Kingdom to Sydney raising money for cancer research.

7 May 2014