Staff profile: Dr Liam Fearnley

Staff profile: Dr Liam Fearnley

Illuminate newsletter index page, June 2020
June 2020

Dr Liam Fearnley designs algorithms to try and find
the causes of diseases.

Dr Liam Fearnley
Postdoctoral fellow

Describe your job... I design algorithms for teasing apart patterns that we see in the genes of patients with neurodegenerative disorders, such as epilepsy and motor neuron disease, to try and find the causes of these diseases. I also build computer tools for experiments that further investigate these genomic findings.

Why do you enjoy what you do?

I enjoy problem solving. I’m immensely lucky to be able to work on a wide set of challenges, collaborate with some
of the world’s leading research teams, and use massively powerful computer systems to solve otherwise-impossible problems.

What is your favourite thing about the Institute’s culture?

The Institute is an amazingly open and collaborative work environment where scientists are supported and encouraged to ask and explore new problems.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m an avid home cook and love making new and strange flavours of ice-cream - coriander, lime, or gin, anyone?

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?

I think it’d have to be “1-12- 14-16-21-27-29 (7) - Powerball draw 1245, 26th of March, 2020”.

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