Winter ‘24

Learn about how collaboration leads to discovery in the winter edition of Illuminate.

From the director

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the Winter edition of Illuminate, my first as WEHI director.

It has been wonderful coming back to where my medical research journey began, getting to know our talented team, and making connections with the generous community that make our work possible.

This institute, more than any other in Australia, has a sustained, powerful, and inspirational legacy of scientific excellence and impact.

I strongly believe that WEHI is the nation’s premier medical research institute in fundamental research. We are also in the fortunate position of having some incredible people, facilities and technologies.

But how do we stay cutting-edge? How do we best prepare for the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning?

How can we conduct more human-based research, and speed up the translation of fundamental research to benefit the community? How are we planning for what health will look like in the next 10–20 years?

These are some of the big questions I am eager to explore, together with colleagues and stakeholders, as we develop our next strategic plan, and tackle the opportunities and challenges coming our way.


At WEHI, our generous supporters make everything we do possible. Your insights and perspectives are critical to what we do, reminding us of the life-changing impact of our research, which is incredibly important and motivating. Do read the stories of Raimo and Myrna, two of our many exceptional supporters.

I look forward to sharing more of our science, people and impact with you.

WEHI Director, Professor Ken Smith
Scientists in the National Drug Discovery Centre

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