Backing the fight against COVID-19

Backing the fight against COVID-19

Illuminate newsletter index page, June 2020
June 2020

Mrs Min Wang and Professor Doug Hilton.
Hengyi Group Chairwoman, Ms Min Wang, with Institute
director Professor Doug Hilton in 2019.

Melbourne-based company, the Hengyi Goup, responded quickly to the emerging pandemic in March by donating $150,000 to the Institute’s COVID-19 research projects.

Passionate and generous supporters of the Institute, the Hengyi Group already support a Centenary Fellowship in Parkinson’s disease through their charitable arm, Bodhi Foundation. They also support InSPIRE, a popular Institute program that provides 10-week internships for students from China’s top universities.

Wholehearted support

Ms Min Wang, chairwoman of Hengyi Pacific Pty Ltd, is an accomplished businesswoman and passionate philanthropist.

“I hope our contribution can encourage others to also support WEHI’s effort into COVID-19, so a prevention or cure can be found soon, and the world will be a normal place again,” Ms Wang said.

Hengyi Group’s generous donation has helped Institute researchers to proceed full steam ahead with vital coronavirus experiments.

Motivated and encouraged by our rich history of scientific discovery, Ms Wang wholeheartedly believes in supporting the Institute’s research and education programs.

“We all need to come together, especially at this time," Ms Wang said.

"I hope our support for the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute will encourage others to contribute, so together we can address the greatest challenges facing humanity today,” she said.

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