Melbourne researchers have led a global collaboration to develop a simplified blood test that increases the overall screening efficiency for type 1 diabetes (T1D).

6 September 2021
 Side by side photos of Peter Czabotar and David Komander

The Australian Lead Identification Consortium has announced the completion of the purpose-built Australian Drug Discovery Library, which sees the relocation of more than 329,000 compounds to its new home at Compounds Australia.

3 September 2021
Animation still of oval-shaped organelle

The fundamental process of cellular respiration – how cells make energy – has been brought to life in a new series of biomedical animations created by, in partnership with HHMI Biointeractive, an initiative of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

4 August 2021
Two women sitting and smiling, looking at camera

WEHI researchers have made a discovery that could help more Australian women with ovarian cancer gain access to game-changing cancer treatments.

29 July 2021
Researcher smiling at camera

Advanced technologies have been used to solve a long-standing mystery about why some people develop serious illness when they are infected with the malaria parasite, while others carry the infection asymptomatically.

23 July 2021
Professor Marc Pellegrini in a WEHI laboratory

Boosting the body’s own disease-fighting immune pathway could provide answers in the desperate search for new treatments for tuberculosis.

13 July 2021
Researcher smiling at camera

A genetic map of an aggressive childhood brain tumour called medulloblastoma has helped researchers identify a new generation anti-cancer drug that can be repurposed as an effective treatment for the disease.

7 July 2021
Visualisation of targeted protein degradation

WEHI has partnered with Boehringer Ingelheim, a leading research-driven pharmaceutical company, in a collaboration to discover and develop anti-cancer therapeutics.

24 June 2021
Microscopic image of cells

State-of-the-art video microscopy has enabled WEHI researchers to see the molecular details of how malaria parasites invade red blood cells – a key step in the disease.

15 June 2021
Three researchers standing in WEHI's galleria

A team of researchers from WEHI and Monash University has received the 2021 Clunies Ross Knowledge Commercialisation Award from the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE).

10 June 2021