SAGE awards

The Institute’s commitments to supporting gender equity, diversity and an inclusive workplace culture have been recognised with a SAGE Athena SWAN Bronze Award.

5 December 2018
Dr Richard Birkinshaw Dr Rachel Thijssen and Dr Mary Ann Anderson

A Melbourne collaboration has identified the reason for drug resistance in some patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. 

4 December 2018
Image showing red proteins erupting from a ring of purple proteins on a blue surface

Our scientists have identified an important component of the microscopic machinery that drives cell death.

26 November 2018
Doctor speaking to patient

A cancer’s genetic sequence may be the key to matching people with rare cancers to the right anti-cancer treatments, according to a new clinical trial instigated by patients.

14 November 2018
Small intestine lining histology image

An Australian study has found low levels of gluten in one in 40 ‘gluten-free’ manufactured foods tested.

12 November 2018
L-R: Gordon Smyth, Yunshun Chen, Andreas Strasser, Gemma Kelly

Melbourne scientists have discovered how tumour development is driven by mutations in the most important gene in preventing cancer, p53. 

7 November 2018
Dr Jason Tye-Din and patient

A coeliac disease vaccine that aims to protect patients from the harmful effects of gluten has entered phase 2 clinical trials in Melbourne.

31 October 2018
Dr Kelly Rogers, Dr Kim Pham and Professor Phil Hodgkin in the imaging laboratory

Institute researchers have uncovered new insights into how the normal controls on cell growth are lost in cancer cells, leading to rapid tumour expansion.

29 October 2018
Microscopy image of mammary glands

Our researchers have discovered how the growth of milk-producing mammary glands is triggered during puberty.


26 October 2018
Research team standing together and smiling

An international study co-led by Institute researchers could help to make diabetes therapies more effective.

24 October 2018