Boston and Beijing alumni reunions

Boston and Beijing alumni reunions

Illuminate newsletter index page, Decmber 2019
December 2019

In October, we welcomed many past InSPIRE and
Masters students to the 2019 Beijing alumni reunion.

In October we caught up with alumni for two exciting overseas reunions.

The two events wrapped up our alumni reunions for the year, which also included Sydney in March, Munich in August, as well as a very popular 1990s cohort reunion in August here at the Institute’s Parkville campus.

Alumni relations adviser Belinda Zipper said these reunions gave alumni a unique chance to reconnect with past colleagues and hear about the latest research at the Institute.

In October, Professor David Vaux, Deputy Director, Science Integrity and Ethics, travelled to Boston to meet up with east coast alumni.

“We planned the food to be very Boston, including buffalo wings and cured meats,” Ms Zipper said. “In his unique style, Davo regaled alumni with colourful stories of Institute life.”

The day after the Boston dinner we held a large reunion in Beijing.

"Professor Alan Cowman, Institute Deputy Director, Scientific Strategy and Professor Suzanne Cory, past director and Honorary Distinguished Research Fellow of the Institute, welcomed some 30 alumni to dine and reconnect.

“We were so pleased to welcome Professor Li Wu, Institute alumna and Professor (tenured), Deputy Dean, School of Medicine of Tsinghua University, who spoke at the dinner.

"It was great to see so many of the Institute’s past Tsinghua University Masters students and  InSPIRE students attend the reunion.

“The feedback from both reunions was very positive. It was especially wonderful to see the alumni at Beijing dress up for the occasion.

“We’re well into planning some exciting events for 2020, including reunions in Shanghai and Paris, as well as an Art and archive tour, a 1980s cohort reunion and a Parasitology reunion on 28 February."

To join the alumni network, find out about upcoming events or update your details, visit the alumni page, email or call 03 9345 2928.

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