Stephanie Studniberg and Associate Professor Diana Hansen

WEHI researchers have made a crucial discovery about how asymptomatic malaria infections impact the body, informing potential strategies to control transmission and improve treatment outcomes. 

4 May 2022
New research could help identify babies at risk of brain bleeds

WEHI researchers have uncovered a new way to help identify babies and foetuses at high-risk of developing brain bleeds, paving the way for better early intervention.  

2 May 2022
Photograph of WEHI's Parkville campus with rainbow-coloured light display

Our institutes are passionate about equality and social justice and believe that LGBTQIA+ inclusion is our collective responsibility. Read our joint statement supporting transgender and gender diverse people.

29 April 2022
Professor Marc Pellegrini, Associate Professor Daniel Gray and Dr Charis Teh

WEHI researchers have found a way to supercharge immune cells that could enable them to clear disease and infections faster. 

14 April 2022
WEHI researchers photographed at the institute

WEHI has joined forces with the leading science and technology company Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany on a drug discovery campaign to find new cancer therapeutics. 


6 April 2022
Dr Andrew Keniry and Professor Marnie Blewitt

WEHI researchers have revealed how an ‘accordion effect’ is critical to switching off genes, in a study that transforms the fundamentals of what we know about gene silencing.    

5 April 2022
Professor Andrew Roberts

A team of blood cancer experts led by WEHI’s Professor Andrew Roberts AM has received the 2021 Fiona Stanley Synergy Grant Award, to advance research into why some blood cancers become resistant to treatment. 

31 March 2022

WEHI has received a $3.5 million grant from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) to create a multidisciplinary cancer research team that will focus on improving patient treatment options and investigating the cause of drug resistance. 

15 March 2022
Dr Alisa Glukhova

WEHI’s Dr Alisa Glukhova has been awarded the Australian Academy of Science’s 2022 Gottschalk Medal for research that explores how cells function and respond to threats in order to find improved treatments for a range of conditions, including heart and nerve diseases. 

10 March 2022
Professor Lesley Hughes

WEHI was proud to welcome distinguished Australian climate change scientist and advocate Professor Lesley Hughes to deliver the 2022 International Women’s Day address: ‘A Short History of Women Saving the Planet’.

7 March 2022