About the lab

Our lab studies how the cells of the immune system are formed from blood stem cells.

Stem and progenitor cells make ‘decisions’ in order to generate our various tissues and organs. Without these decisions, we would be undifferentiated blobs without eyes and ears, livers and hearts, skin and bone.

To discover the steps of how a stem cell divides and ultimately turns into an organ, we utilise new technologies that interrogate the individual cells, rather than the population as a whole. This is akin to understanding the role of each player in a football team – not only the team’s result.

Our ultimate goal is to advance strategies for manipulating blood stem cells that may have future applications for stem cell therapy or immune therapy, and provide insights into cancer formation.

Lab research projects

Lab team

Our team work independently as well as in groups across the different projects.

We work closely with the Hodgkin laboratory (Immunology Division), the Schumacher laboratory (Netherlands Cancer Institute), the Cohen laboratory (Drexel) and the Duffy laboratory (Hamilton Institute).

We seek driven scientists who are open to new technologies and thinking about biology at the single cell level.

11 members
Chow Yee Lai
PhD Student
Stephen Zhang
Visiting PhD Student
Sara Tomei
Research Officer
Jessie Xue
Research Assistant
Dr Michael Lin
Research Officer
Devi Jenika
Research Officer
Hui Shi Saw
Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
Esmaeel Azadian
PhD Student
Research Officer
Dr Tom Weber
Senior Research Officer
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