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My team uses cutting-edge technologies to better understand the biology of gastrointestinal parasites, including worms and agents of diarrhoeal disease.

Parasitic worms have a major impact in impoverished communities in tropical and subtropical regions globally. Diarrhoeal parasites impact heavily on these communities, but are also important in developed countries, including Australia.

We work with the Victorian water industry to develop tools to monitor for aquatic microorganisms that present a public health risk. We also conduct fundamental research into host-parasite interactions, parasite development, stress responses and drug resistance, with the ultimate goal of developing approaches to better control these parasites.

During the COVID-19 pandemic our team has played a key role in Victoria’s wastewater testing programs for SARS-CoV-2, including developing new methods used to confirm the presence of viral fragments in test positive samples and working with the Victorian Department of Health to determine how to use this information in the public health response. This program is also undertaking targeted surveillance for emerging, high-risk viral variants developing overseas, aiming to help prevent their introduction into Australia.

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Lab team

12 members
Lab head
Shilpa Kapoor
Research Officer
Nijoy John
Research Officer
Imadh Abdul Azeez
PhD Student
Black and white photo of Alex Lam
Alex Lam
PhD Student
Qiao Su
PhD Student
Amrita Vijay
PhD Student
Pradip Roy
Visiting PhD Student
Brianna Flynn
Research Assistant
Dr Leon Hartman
Research Assistant
Black and white photo of Balu Balan
Balu Balan
Research Officer
Dr Louise Baker
Senior Research Officer
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