Brain Cancer Immunotherapy Lab

About the lab

Assoc Prof Misty Jenkins leads the immunotherapy program within The Brain Cancer Centre. The team’s research is dedicated to discovering new immunotherapy targets in adults and children with brain cancer.

Immunotherapy is an approach that aims to recruit the immune system to fight cancer and has promise in clinical settings.

Our research also focusses on understanding T cell activation and uses cutting edge two-photon microscopy combined with mouse models of brain cancer to investigate the tumour microenvironment and uncover unique biology of brain tumours.

Specifically, we are developing genetically engineered Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cells for use as therapy against brain cancer.

Overall our work seeks to advance the field of immunotherapy for brain cancer and improve the outcomes for patients with this devastating disease.

Our mission

The lab’s mission is to end brain cancer as a terminal illness and to find ways to improve safety and efficacy of cellular therapies.

Lab research projects

Lab team

The Jenkins group is a laboratory within the Immunology division. I am always interested to hear from postdocs and students who are interested in T cell immunology. Inquiries from enthusiastic individuals are encouraged.

12 members
Hannah Hughes-Parry
Research Officer
Zoe Day
Visiting PhD Student
Leesa Lertsumitkul
PhD Student
Krishneel Prasad
PhD Student
Yasmin Nouri
Research Officer
Alex Davenport
Research Officer
Black and white photo of Valeria Arcucci
Dr Valeria Arcucci
Research Officer
Kylie Luong
Research Assistant
Dr Ryan Cross
Senior Research Officer
Dr Kathy Watson
Research Assistant
Melinda Iliopoulos
Research Assistant
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