From the director

From the director

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March 2016

Institute director Professor Doug Hilton
Institute director Professor Doug Hilton.

This year is already shaping up as an exciting one for the institute, with significant developments that will enhance the support we offer our researchers and build our capacity to tackle the most challenging questions in medical research.

Caring for our families

I’m delighted to announce that the institute’s board has endorsed our proposal to construct an operationally self-sustaining early childhood education centre on our forecourt.

Access to childcare was identified by our scientists as one of the most significant barriers to staying and advancing in research.

An onsite childcare centre has been championed by our Gender Equity in Science Committee to address this important workforce issue, and I look forward to updating you as the project progresses.

Centenary campaign attracts international interest

Dyson Bequest Centenary Fellows
Professor Doug Hilton, Dyson Bequest Centenary
Fellow Dr Tracy Putoczki, and Dyson Bequest
trustees John Dyson and Rose Gilder (L-R).

Late last year we advertised six centenary postdoctoral fellowships, attracting hundreds of applications from around the world.

We are now in the process of selecting the best possible talent to join the institute, to tackle some of the most complex health problems facing humanity.

We can see from 100 years of institute history that discoveries that ultimately improve human health are made by teams of creative, insightful, hard-working people devoting decades to research.

We are very grateful to our founding centenary donors for their foresight and investment which will make future health improvements possible.

Our part in a powerful alliance

Visitors to the Parkville area will have noticed the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre’s (VCCC) new Grattan Street building is nearing completion. The building will contribute new cancer research and clinical capacity to the precinct.

As the research powerhouse of the VCCC, we are delivering knowledge and resources that will drive the next generation of cancer research, education, treatment and care.

Our involvement in the VCCC is already yielding excellent results, as shown with this issue’s cover story on the recent success of a new anti-cancer agent in clinical trials for leukaemia.

Partnerships are a theme for 2016

Our connections with The University of Melbourne and Ormond College can be traced back to our founding years, and this year we are enriching this partnership.

Our director designate Dr Gordon Clunes McKay Mathison was an outstanding graduate of The University of Melbourne and a resident tutor at Ormond College.

This year, we will remember and honour Dr Mathison by appointing two Mathison Centenary Fellows supported by The University of Melbourne. 

Deepening our relationship with Ormond College

We will also be appointing an Ormond College Thwaites Gutch Centenary Fellow, who will both undertake research at the institute and reside as a tutor at Ormond College.

I am pleased that we are able to deepen our connections with Ormond College, a college at the forefront of promoting entrepreneurship and leadership. Our partnership will incorporate development opportunities for our faculty in these areas.

In short, our 101st year is off to an exciting start. As promised, we are definitely not resting on our laurels.

Very best wishes, 


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Doug Hilton in his office

Professor Doug Hilton has been named as one of 20 inaugural ‘Male Champions of Change’ by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, for his work to improve the representation of women at senior levels of medical research.

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