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The MIBIscope is a leading single-cell spatial proteomics technology that acts like a “Google map” for proteins in tissues, revealing where and which proteins are playing a role in both health and disease settings.

The MIBIscope platform uses a cocktail of metal-tagged proteins to map and quantify up to 40 markers within tissues at a single-cell resolution. With the capability to stain simultaneously intact tissues, MIBIscope offers unparalleled versatility in resolving tissue microenvironment and cellular communications across various species and tissue types.

MIBIscope can be used in cancer tissue to study the tumour microenvironment, for example in lung cancer (left).

It can also be used in inflammatory diseases to study immune infiltration, for example in colon tissue (right).

Cancer tissue captured under a microscope and stained in colours

Unique features

Highly multiplexed in situ imaging of proteins. It is compatible with fresh/fixed frozen, and FFPE tissue sections, as well as different species. Human panels for FFPE tissue sections have been validated and are available at the institute.

Customised panels can be developed.


It is necessary to put the tissues sections on specific MIBI gold-coated slides.



Dr Claire Marceaux
  • Senior Research Officer
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