Light in the dark

Light in the dark - Kristy Shield-Artin, Suzan Sam Art of Science submission
Kristy Shield-Artin, Suzan Sam
Created | 2022

A constellation of factors can influence the growth of ovarian cancers. New targeted therapies have been shown to produce remarkable long-term responses in some patients, but predicting who will respond to treatment is difficult.

WEHI researchers, in partnership with RMIT University, are undertaking clinical translation of SOLACE2, a clinical trial assessing combined therapies in patients with ovarian cancer.

As part of their quest to understand why some patients respond better than others, Kristy and Suzan have been exploring forces in the ovarian micro-environment that may promote or hinder tumour growth.

In this thin (4 micrometre) section of an ovarian tumour stained with multiple fluorescent labels, the area of yellow, light blue and white tissue identifies the cancer cells. Blue-green swirls indicate surrounding tissue and cyan specks identify some of the immune cells whose role in tumour growth and treatment response are still under investigation.