Synthetic chemical product (non-hazardous)

Synthetic chemical product (non-hazardous)

When shipping non-hazardous 100% synthetic chemicals to Australia, the following documents are required to clear Australian Customs.

  • 3 x Customs Invoice or Commercial Invoice (Cus Inv) including HS code
  • 3 x Manufacturer's Declaration (Man Dec)
  • 1 x Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Chemical product documents


Preparing the Manufacturer's Declaration

The Manufacturer's Declaration needs to be presented on your company's offical letterhead and will need to display specific statements that meet specific crieteria to enter Australia.

We have provided guidance below to assist you in preparing the Manufacturer's Declaration

Download Template

(Any text highlighted yellow in instructional text and needs to be actioned before submitting).

1. Download template

2. Create document: Copy the template and place onto your official letterhead

3. Date: Enter shipment date

4. Air Waybill number: Enter Air Waybill number (to be obtained from your courier)

5. Commodity: Choose the most appropriate product commodity from the following list

6. Product or Compound Name: Enter each individual product or compound name.

7. NET Volume: Enter the NET volume in ‘mL ’ or ‘mg’ of each individual product.

8. Signatories: Add your written/digital signature, name, position, and organisation.


Additional notes 

If freight is to be paid by the receiver (WEHI)

Please contact to request a courier account number

HS codes

Recently, there has been an additional requirement to display your product's HS code on the Customs Invoice. We recommend providing this information in addition to the Manufacturer's Declaration (s).

If you have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Include a physical copy of the SDS in the shipper's sleeve.

Please follow the instructions in the 'Transport Section' of the SDS.


Email icon Once douments have been finalised:

Please send copies of your completed Customs Invoice, Manufacturer's Declaration and SDS to

You must add the shipment's tracking number/Air Waybill number and the corresponding Purchase Order number in the subject line of your email.

Example: SHIPPING DOCS / DH 5495333933 / Supplier Name / PO21001450


For further assistance please email


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