How you can make a difference

What if …we could cure cancer?
What if …we could stop dementia?
What if …we could eradicate infectious diseases?
Together, we can.

At WEHI, we are focused on preventing and curing the diseases our society dreads. These include incurable cancers, dementias, infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Today, we need your support to help us in a sprint and marathon. A sprint to do the absolute best for those confronted with disease right now. A marathon to solve incurable diseases once and for all.

“Three Australians die each day from ovarian cancer. Help us discover new diagnostics and treatments that are so urgently needed.”
– Professor Clare Scott

Help us be remarkable

Remarkable discoveries require remarkable teams working together for years. We want to liberate our researchers from the shackles of funding constraints, freeing them to be their creative best. We invite you support an entire program or project for the long term. Help us solve the big problems and give hope to families sooner.

“Dementia is NOT a normal part of ageing. Dementia is a disease and we need to act now to stop its progression.”
– Dr Sarah Holper

To attract and retain the best scientists,

We need your help so we can give our brilliant and passionate scientists the support they need to stay focused on live-saving research.

We need your help so we can liberate our scientists from the constant need to chase short-term funding that delivers short-term results.

“Doing my research at WEHI means I can join some of the world’s best scientists working hard to understand fundamental mechanisms that could ultimately pave the way for curing complex diseases.”
– Esmaeel Azadian, Cybec Foundation PhD Scholarship recipient

To go faster, we need your help

We’re committed to building on our reputation for investing in the most advanced technologies, and building our own when those technologies don’t exist.

And we’re committed to investing in the best ‘big data’ specialists that are opening up a whole new world of medical discovery. We’re making a focused investment in AI and machine learning so we can make even faster progress.

We need your help so we can do more, which means we can sprint, whilst also having the stamina to run the marathon!

“The march of technology will be the single greatest contributor to the exponential acceleration of medical breakthroughs and cures for devastating diseases.”
– Sir Gustav Nossal AC

The impact and prevalence of disease across the world – and how we can apply scientific brilliance to address it – is what drives us to be better each day.

Find out more about what you can support at WEHI or contact our team to learn more.

Email: fundraising@wehi.edu.au

Phone: 03 9345 2403

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