Our lab’s vision is to develop an interdisciplinary approach to dementia research and care. Dementia is a complex condition that crosses a number of clinical and scientific disciplines. We understand that a strong, multifaceted approach is required to make a significant impact in dementia research.

This includes having a long-term coordinated approach to research.

The focus of our lab is to:

  • improve dementia diagnosis using novel and established biomarkers
  • investigate midlife risk factors that may better inform prevention strategies
  • establish and support dementia cohorts
  • facilitate investigator-led clinical trials
  • support and develop access to dementia research for regional and rural Australians
  • investigate and address caregiver needs
  • mentor the next generation of dementia clinical researchers



Selected publications from A/Prof Rosie Watson

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5. Colloby SJ*, Watson R*, Blamire A.M, O’Brien JT, Taylor JP. Cortical thinning in dementia with Lewy bodies and Parkinson disease dementia. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 2020. 54(6):633-643. PMID: Please insert *Joint first author

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