Research centres

Research centres

A female scientist is photographed operating research equipment
Our collaborative research centres bring together multi-disciplinary expertise, advanced technologies and facilities to accelerate the pace of discovery. 


The Brain Cancer Centre

Founded by Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer and in partnership with WEHI, The Brain Cancer Centre is bringing together our brightest medical research minds to end brain cancer as a terminal illness.

Colonial Foundation Healthy Ageing Centre

The Colonial Healthy Ageing Centre has a single focus – to design and develop the first blood test to diagnose dementia.

The Centre is a collaboration between WEHI and The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Centre for Biologic Therapies

A collaboration between WEHI and CSL, the Centre for Biologic Therapies provides access to expert biologic discovery and optimisation capabilities, accelerating drug development into the clinic, and ultimately addressing a current gap in Australian medical research.

Centre for Dynamic Imaging

The Centre for Dynamic Imaging helps scientists use advanced imaging technology and powerful computational resources to generate detailed and real-time views of biological systems.

These new insights are advancing medical research and our understanding of how diseases develop, spread and respond to treatment.

Centre for Global Disease and Health

The Centre for Global Disease and Health brings together teams from across WEHI to discover and develop innovative solutions to some of the biggest health challenges affecting the world’s poorest populations.

National Drug Discovery Centre

The National Drug Discovery Centre enables Australian medical researchers to access the latest in advanced ultra-high throughput screening, addressing a critical early challenge in the drug discovery pipeline.

Parkinson's Disease Research Centre 

The WEHI Parkinson's Disease Research Centre is a collaborative, multidisciplinary initiative to develop improved clinical diagnostics and precision medicines as new drugs to slow or stop disease progression and improve health outcomes for people with Parkinson's.