Measuring susceptibility of cancer cells to BH3 mimetics

Project type

  • PhD and Graduate Research Masters

Project details

“BH3 mimetics are a new class of small molecule anti-cancer agents that specifically bind BCL2 prosurvival proteins such as BCL2 and MCL1 to trigger apoptotic cell death. Despite the presence of the prosurvival target protein, many cancers are resistant to these agents, highlighting the need to clarify the mechanisms of sensitivity and resistance.

This project will use a range of antibodies, including recently developed antibodies, to correlate changes in BCL2 signaling with sensitivity to BH3 mimetics. By analysing a range of cancer cell lines as well as patient samples, we aim to develop novel means of predicting patient responses to BH3 mimetics.

This project will involve a range of cell biology and biochemistry techniques including cell culture, gel electrophoresis, flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry.”

About our research group

The Kluck laboratory investigates how cells die via apoptotic cell death – a normal process that helps remove unwanted cells including cancer cells, and which is regulated by the BCL2 family of proteins. Collaborations with structural biologists (Michelle Miller, Peter Czabotar) and oncologists (Maryann Anderson, Andrew Wei) help to identify underlying mechanisms of resistance in blood cancers.

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