Shalin Naik-Lab team

Shalin Naik-Lab team

Lab team

Our team work independently as well as in groups across the different projects.
We work closely with the Hodgkin laboratory (Immunology Division), the Schumacher laboratory (Netherlands Cancer Institute), the Cohen laboratory (Drexel) and the Duffy laboratory (Hamilton Institute). 
We seek driven scientists who are open to new technologies and thinking about biology at the single cell level.

Denise Miles, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, BBiomedSc Melbourne PhD Melbourne

Tom Weber, Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Berlin

Jaring Schreuder, Research Assistant, BAppSc Van Hall

Jessica Tran, Research Assistant, Melbourne

Katie Fennell, PhD Student, BSc(Hons) West of England BMedSc Melbourne

Dawn Lin, PhD Student, BMedSci UTS

Damith Senanayake, PhD Student, BSc(Hons) Sri Lanka

Jordan Michael, Honours Student

Super Content: 
Photo of four researchers outside WEHI

Using a new single-cell technique, WEHI researchers have uncovered a way to understand the programming behind how stem cells make particular cell types.

Four researchers smiling at camera

A cutting-edge technique called cellular barcoding has been used to tag, track and pinpoint cells responsible for the spread of breast cancer from the main tumour into the blood and other organs.