Shabih Shakeel-Lab team

Shabih Shakeel-Lab team

The Shakeel lab is a newly established multidisciplinary team that focuses around electron cryo-microscopy and is complemented by biochemical and biophysical techniques.

We collaborate with other laboratories in the Structural Biology and Epigenetics and Development divisions and WEHI. We are always interested to hear from enthusiastic candidates at all career stages.

Lab team

Chloe Gerak, Postdoctoral Fellow (jointly with Stephin Vervoort lab), BSc Vancouver PhD Vancouver
Project: Regulation of transcription

Winnie Tan, Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc(Hons) Melbourne PhD Melbourne
Project: Mechanism of epigenetic silencing

Shraddha Kameshwar, PhD Student (jointly with Andrew Deans lab at St. Vincent Institute, Melbourne), BTech Mumbai MTech Vellore
Project: Mechanism of DNA repair

Xiaomin Wang, PhD Student, BSc Lanzhou MSc Bangkok
Project: Mechanism of infection by viruses and other parasites

Rebekka Krishtul, Honours Student (jointly with Tim Thomas lab), BSc Melbourne
Project: Mechanism of epigenetic activation