Ruth Kluck-Lab team

Ruth Kluck-Lab team



My lab collaborates closely with the Structural Biology division and other divisions in the institute and elsewhere who study the protein interactions that regulate apoptosis in health and disease.


Amber Alsop, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc(Hons) Syd PhD Cantab

Project: The molecular mechanisms of Bak inhibition by Mcl-1

Key publication: Alsop AE, Fennell SC, Bartolo RC, Tan IK, Dewson G, Kluck RM. Dissociation of Bak a1 helix from the core and latch domains is required for apoptosis. Nat Commun. 2015 April 16;6:6841. PMID: 25880232


Sweta Iyer, Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc India MSc Madurai Kamaraj PhD Melbourne

Project: Directly regulation of Bak and Bax by novel antibodies

Key publication: Iyer S, Anwari K, Alsop AE, Yuen WS, Huang DC, Carroll J, Smith NA, Smith BJ, Dewson G, Kluck RM. Identification of an activation site in Bak and mitochondrial Bax triggered by antibodies. Nat Commun. 2016 May 24; 7:11734 PMID: 27217060 


Rachel Uren, Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc(Hons) PhD Melbourne

Project: Membrane topology of the Bak and Bax pores

Key publication: Uren RT, O'Hely M, Iyer S, Bartolo R, Brouwer JM, Alsop AE, Dewson G, Kluck RM. Disordered clusters of Bak dimers rupture mitochondria during apoptosis. bioRxiv. 2016.


Melissa Shi, Honours Student, BSc Melbourne

Project: Deciphering the membrane topology of Bak and Bax apoptotic pores