Peter Gibbs-Lab team

Peter Gibbs-Lab team


The Gibbs lab has been established with clinical leads for each of the tumour types and biomarkers of interest.
Each clinician is heavily involved in patient care and is well supported by a team that includes fellows, research nurses and project officers.
All tissue-based research is in collaboration with scientists within and outside of WEHI.  

Miles Andrews, Medical Oncologist, MBBS, FRACP, PhD 

  • Clinical lead: melanoma
  • Clinical appointment: Alfred Health

Sumitra Ananda, Medical Oncologist, MBBS London FRACP PhD

  • Clinical lead: gynaecological cancers
  • Clinical appointments: Western Health, PMCC, Epworth Richmond

Arsha Anton, Medical Oncologist, MBBS FRACP, DMedSci candidate

  • Clinical Research Fellow: genitourinary cancer. Project name: ePAD, REAL-Pro
  • Clinical appointment: Eastern Health

Helen Brasier, Study Coordinator: Organoids Program, BN

Tina Cavicchiolo, Research Nurse: DYNAMIC-Rectal study and MASTER melanoma Registry          

Matthew Chapman, Project Officer: ctDNA studies, BSci, Grad Dip

Michael Christie, Molecular Pathologist, MBBS Qld PhD Melbourne FRCP MD

Marlyse Debrincat, Project Officer: ctDNA studies colorectal cancer, BSc(Hons) Melbourne PhD Melbourne

Megan Dumas, Project Officer: lung cancer, brain cancer

Catherine Dunne Medical Oncologist, MBBS FRACP

  • Research Fellow: colorectal cancer; focus on measuring and improving quality 

Maria Edmonds, Laboratory Manager Gibbs Lab, RN BN GCertBus, GDipN(Cancer), MClinN(Onc)      

Siavash Foroughi, Project Officer: Redcap data expert, BSc Melbourne MSc (Distinct) Melbourne PhD Candidate

Grace Gard, Medical Oncologist MBBS FRACP 

  • Clinical Research Fellow: lung cancer, colorectal cancer

Lucy Gately, Medical Oncologist, MBBS BMed Qld BSc Qld FRACP PhD

  • Brain cancer lead

Peter Gibbs, Laboratory Head, Medical Oncologist, MBBS, FRACP, MD 

  • Clinical lead: colorectal cancer
  • Clinical appointment: Western Health

Sharen Gibbs, Study Coordinator based at Eastern Health. Colorectal cancer. BNurs LaTrobe, Dip of Nursing

Michael Harold, Project Officer and data analyst. Colorectal registries. BAppSc LaTrobe

Wei Hong Medical Oncologist and Statistician. MBBS, FRACP, MBiostats

  • Research Fellow: gastrointestinal cancer, registry trials 

Azim Jalali, Medical Oncologist, MBBS Iran FRACP PhD candidate

  • Clinical Research Fellow: colorectal cancer
  • Clinical appointments: Western Health, Latrobe regional cancer centre

Liz Jessup, Administration Manager, BCom Melbourne

Julie Johns, Data Analyst for all cancer registries, BSc Deakin Dip Nursing

Belinda Lee, Medical Oncologist, MBBS London PostGradDip London MRCP London FRACP PhD Candidate

  • Pancreatic cancer lead
  • Clinical appointments: PMCC, Northern Health

Margaret Lee, Medical Oncologist, Clinical Research Fellow, BMed BMedSci MBBS FRACP

  • Gastroesophageal cancer lead
  • Clinical appointments: Western Health, Eastern Health

Elizabeth Liow, Medical Oncologist, BMedSci Melbourne MBBS Melbourne PhD candidate

  • Clinical Research Fellow: genitourinary cancer
  • Clinical appointment: Monash Health

Sheau Wen Lok, Medical Oncologist, Clinical Research Fellow, MBBS Melbourne BMedSc Melbourne

  • Breast cancer lead
  • Clinical appointment: PMCC

Ben Markman Medical Oncologist, MBBS FRACP 

  • Lung cancer lead. Project name: INHALE
  • Clinical appointment: Alfred Health

Karen Matoga, Research nurse. Based at Northern Health Cancer Services. Multiple tumour types. BN

Shehara Mendis, Medical Oncologist, MBBS BMedSci Melbourne FRACP

  • Clinical Research Fellow: gastrointestinal cancer. 
  • Clinical appointment: Western Health

Catherine Morton, Study Coordinator Breast Cancer Registry and Registry Trials, BSc LaTrobe BN

Roslynn Murphy, Project Officer: ctDNA studies pancreatic & colorectal cancer, BAppSc(Hons) Qld PhD Melbourne

Nicole Ng, Project Manager, BAppSc(MedRad) RMIT

Kelsey Serena, Research Tissue Coordinator, BSc

Jeanne Tie, Medical Oncologist, MBBS ChB Otago MD Melbourne FRACP

  • ctDNA studies lead
  • Clinical appointments: Western Health, PMCC

Richard To, Medical Oncologist, MBBS, FRACP

  • Clinical Research Fellow: gastrointestinal cancer 

Ben Tran, Medical Oncologist, MBBS Melbourne FRACP

  • Genitourinary cancer lead. Project name: ePAD, REAL-Pro, iTestis, KRAB, REAL-Pro

Hui-Li Wong, Medical Oncologist, MBBS Melbourne FRACP Melbourne PhD Candidate

  • Clinical Research Fellow: colorectal cancer
  • Clinical appointment: PMCC

Rachel Wong, Medical Oncologist, MBBS Melbourne FRACP

  • Clinical Research Fellow: gastrointestinal cancer
  • Clinical appointments: Eastern Health, Epworth Eastern

Vanessa Wong, Medical Oncologist, MBBS, FRACP

  • Clinical Research Fellow: breast and colorectal cancer
  • Clinical appointment: Ballarat Health

Evelyn Yip, Ethics and Contracts Coordinator, Project Officer Redcap databases, BSc(Hons) Adelaide PhD Monash

Kristina Zlatic, Project Officer: genitourinary cancer, BSc Monash, MBA VU, MEd Deakin

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