Associate Professor Oliver Sieber

Associate Professor Oliver Sieber



Associate Professor Oliver Sieber in a laboratory


Associate Professor


Laboratory Head

Lab focus: translational bowel cancer genomics

My research group aims to understand the genetic changes that contribute to bowel cancer. In particular, we are interested in the aberrant molecules that influence a person’s risk of developing bowel cancer, the course of disease in a bowel cancer patient, and the response of their cancer to therapy. 

Bowel cancers vary greatly in the genes and proteins they express, and their clinical behaviour. We are working to define different subtypes of bowel cancer based on the molecules they express.  Our goal is to link this to disease progression and sensitivity to anti-cancer treatments. We hope this will lead to significant new insights into fundamental tumour biology and open new avenues for diagnosis and treatment.

Research interest

We have a major focus on bowel cancer genomics, the application of high-throughput molecular profiling technologies to identify principal cancer genes and biomarkers of cancer risk and prognosis. We are conducting next-generation sequencing and microarray studies involving Australian and international patient cohorts to define molecular signatures associated with tumour characteristics and outcome.

Patient-focused investigations are being complemented with functional studies on cancer cell lines to distinguish driver from passenger mutations and to gain insights into molecular pathways of carcinogenesis. Molecularly-annotated cancer cell lines are further being used to explore the efficacy of novel drug therapies, both as single-agents and in combination with standard therapies.