About the lab

Research in my lab investigates proteins that can regulate both inflammation and cell death. We are revealing how these proteins contribute to inflammatory diseases including: psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, as well as cancer.

Our goal is to translate our discoveries into new treatments for these scourges.

Lab research projects

Lab team

We collaborate with many research groups at WEHI that have overlapping interests.

14 members
Lab head
Elham Moslemi
Visiting PhD Student
Miriam Beichler
Visiting International Student
Dips Thaker
Honours Student
Shelly Wang
PhD Student
Dr Nishma Gupta
Senior Research Officer
Mona Radwan
Research Officer
Dr Anne Hempel
Senior Research Officer
Destiny Dalseno
Research Officer
Cathrine Hall
Research Assistant
Dr Holly Anderton
Senior Research Officer
Dr Najoua Lalaoui
Honorary Research Fellow
Natasha Silke
Research Assistant
Dr Lorraine O’Reilly
Senior Research Scientist
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