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About the lab

The WEHI Protein Production Facility (PPF) is a specialised laboratory that produces high-quality recombinant proteins for research purposes. Recombinant proteins are artificially engineered by combining DNA from different organisms to create proteins with specific functions and properties.

The facility’s primary goal is to produce recombinant proteins that are difficult to obtain through natural sources or conventional methods. These proteins are used in drug development, vaccine production, and research applications.

The PPF employs state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques to generate recombinant proteins in large quantities and with high purity levels. The process involves several stages, including DNA cloning, gene expression, protein purification, and quality control.

Highly skilled scientists and technicians carry out each stage with precision and accuracy. Overall, the PPF’s work plays a vital role in advancing scientific research and the development of new medical treatments. By producing high-quality recombinant proteins, the facility contributes to a deeper understanding of complex biological processes and the development of new therapies for a range of diseases.

Accessing Protein Production Facility services

Please get in touch to learn more about our services and how we can work with you to customise protein production to fit your experimental needs.

Marija Dramicanin
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Our mission

The main objective of PPF is to speed up scientific research by producing high-quality recombinant proteins for a variety of applications, such as therapeutics, diagnostics, and research. By providing researchers with the necessary tools and resources, PPF aims to support their efforts in discovering new therapies and understanding biological processes. By leveraging its expertise and state-of-the-art technology, PPF produces recombinant proteins of exceptional quality, paving the way for more effective research and innovative treatments for various diseases.


PPF is crucial in advancing scientific knowledge and benefiting the community by providing high-quality proteins that are vital for studying biological processes and developing new therapies. These proteins have diverse applications in drug discovery, vaccine development, and structural biology, and are crucial in uncovering the underlying mechanisms that drive diseases. By producing and purifying recombinant proteins, our facility enables researchers to study proteins that are not readily available and modify them to understand their function better. The work of our facility not only advances scientific knowledge but also has significant implications for public health and well-being, materials development, and technological innovation.


The PPF team outside the Bundoora facility
Above: The PPF team outside the Bundoora facility

Lab team

Our facility collaborates closely with WEHI researchers, including the National Drug Discovery Centre (NDDC) and Centre for Biologic Therapies (CBT), to guarantee the production of high-quality proteins for small molecule and therapeutic antibody discoveries.

5 members
Head, Protein Production Facility
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