About the lab

Cytokines are small protein messengers that transmit information from the outside of the cell to the inside of the cell. They are important regulators of the immune system, and when these messangers misfire, it can result in inflammatory disease, autoimmunity or cancer. Our research is focused on determining what these molecules look like, how they function, and how the signals they send are regulated.

We generate detailed 3D “pictures” of these molecules, and the molecules they interact with. We use this information to understand how they work, what is going wrong in a disease setting, and to try to design drugs to change how they function.

Our mission

To aid the design of new medicines through understanding what protein molecules look like at atomic resolution.


We have made significant contributions to understanding how cytokine signalling is regulated. Our structural studies are being used to enable drug discovery projects aimed at making new treatments for cancer.

Lab research projects

Lab team

The Kershaw lab works in close collaboration with the Babon Lab (WEHI) and Dickins Lab (Monash).

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Lilian Wong
Research Assistant
Research Officer
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