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The Hilton laboratory studies the development and function of blood cells. We aim to identify genes and molecular pathways that are important in regulating normal blood cell production and understand the changes that lead to blood cell disorders such as inflammatory diseases, leukaemia and lymphoma.

Some of our fundamental research breakthroughs are being exploited to improve the body’s immune response to cancer.

We take a multidisciplinary approach combining cell biology, physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, genomics, bioinformatics and computational biology to understand the blood cell system and its individual lineages. We also develop software that assists biologist in visualising and interacting with large data sets.


Our laboratory has made available its work on gene expression in blood cells through our public resouce, Haemosphere. It is available at www.haemosphere.org It provides transcriptional information for a broad spectrum of cells in both mice and humans.

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Enquiries from budding researchers, haematologists and computational gurus interested in entering medical research are encouraged.

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