Student achievements

More than 200 undergraduate and graduate students are part of our medical research teams and make important contributions to our research.

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Our students undertake research into important questions in medical research. Students have access to leading technologies in our modern facilities, as well as benefiting from the established collaborations our research teams have formed both within the Institute, as well as nationally and internationally.

Our commitment to diversity and gender equity ensures all students at the Institute are supported to achieve their full potential.

Benefits of studying with us

  • Experienced supervisors, our student advisory committees and our Education team ensure the progress of our students is monitored and supported at all times

  • Our culture of collaboration allows our students to learn diverse, multidisciplinary skills from a wide variety of researchers

  • Research discoveries led by our students are recognised through lead authorship on high-impact research papers

  • Our students are encouraged and supported to present their work at local, national and international conferences, and undertake research exchanges

  • Student achievements are recognised by nomination for relevant awards both within the Institute and externally

  • Our Grants Office and Scientific Education Office provides assistance with applying for scholarships and research bursaries

  • Graduating students receive assistance with planning their future careers, and benefit from our researchers’ international networks

  • Our students are given diverse opportunities to broaden their skills through involvement in Institute committees, our internship program and our student association

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