Where your money goes

Where your money goes

Shalin Naik in the lab

Every dollar of philanthropic funding we receive goes directly to WEHI's research.

This includes support for scientific laboratories, for collaborative research projects and programs, for cutting edge technology and equipment, and for critically important, talent-building fellowships, scholarships and awards, to help attract, retain, and reward the brightest scientific minds from across the globe.

The Institute does not use philanthropic contributions to fund the cost of fundraising operations.

The cost of running the Institute, including fundraising operations, as a proportion of total Institute expenditure is illustrated in the following pie chart:  


2021 Expenditure


With your support we have made significant advances in the last financial year. Browse our news stories to find recent research highlights.

Our researchers tackle some of the most urgent and widespread health challenges facing humanity. With support from donors like you, we can continue our work in detecting, treating and preventing diseases including malaria, cancer, coeliac disease and rheumatoid arthritis.