Rotarians against breast cancer

Rotarians against breast cancer

When three members of the Rotary Club of Point Gellibrand survived breast cancer, the club decided to throw its support behind breast cancer research. The Rotary club’s director of fundraising, Mrs Faye Lanyon, wanted to create an annual fundraising event, and so the Pink Breakfast was born.

Since 2011, these remarkable Rotarians have raised $26,000 in support of our breast cancer research programs.

Point Gellibrand Rotary Club.jpeg
Point Gellibrand Rotarians turn pink for a great cause. Credit: Ross Magor

Vital equipment for the laboratory

With these funds, our breast cancer team has been able to purchase a microscope camera, a centrifuge and two PCR machines – vital equipment for the laboratory. This equipment enables our researchers to develop a better understanding of how breast cancer arises.

Club secretary Mr Henry Fitzell said that the club was very aware of the impact breast cancer has on the broader community. “We have a very personal interest in helping to further research into this insidious disease.”

Support our research

If your Rotary Club would like to support our research, please contact our Supporter Relationship Manager Sally Cane on 03 9345 2912 or

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