A gift to support excellence in Australian medical research

Supporting medical research

When Michael and Helen Taafe were planning their estate, they knew the type of beneficiaries they wanted to support. The recipients should be in the medical field, have a holistic vision, and make a significant contribution to Australian and global society.

“We did our research, but it was an easy choice. WEHI has a vision that shines, and a mission that encapsulates everything we were looking for.”
– Helen Taafe

Inspired by dedication and success

“On paper the institute is impressive, but after meeting the director, Doug Hilton, we realised why WEHI stands out above the rest,” says Michael Taafe.

His dedication and outstanding leadership qualities were inspiring. The organisation’s work ethic is second to none. The executive team, scientists and staff endeavour with much success to uncover the secrets of medicine and science, while working together harmoniously.
– Michael Taafe

A legacy for future Australian medical research outcomes

By leaving a gift in their Wills to WEHI, Michael and Helen Taafe are contributing to the future success of Australian medical research.

“It’s an organisation that makes you proud to be Australian. We wanted to make a difference and that’s why we selected WEHI.”
A woman in a red top standing next to a man in a dark suit.
Above: Helen and Michael Taafe want the proceeds of their estate to help people in Australia and around the world
Find out more about leaving a gift in your Will or for a confidential discussion contact our Future Giving team at kiley.h@wehi.edu.au or phone 03 9345 2929.

Ways you can support WEHI

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