A generous gift from a cancer survivor

Inspired to give

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992 Noel Sumner was told her life expectancy was not good.

A discovery made at WEHI played a key role in Noel’s treatment and recovery. The experience inspired her to leave a gift to the institute in her Will, so that medical research could continue improving the health outcomes of future patients.

First-hand experience of institute research

After her cancer diagnosis, Noel Sumner was offered an experimental high-dose chemotherapy trial.

“My participation in this trial was only made possible (and tolerable) by Professor Don Metcalf at WEHI,” she says.

Professor Metcalf and his colleagues had discovered and developed colony stimulating factors (CSFs) – drugs that help to boost the infection-fighting white blood cells in people undergoing cancer treatment.

Since these early stages, an estimated 20 million people have been treated with CSFs.

Motivated to help

The experience brought Noel Sumner to closer contact with the Institute and our research.

“As I learnt more about Professor Metcalf and the discoveries of the many research scientists at WEHI, I was inspired to leave a gift in my Will to this amazing institute so that other lives may be extended or saved.”
– Noel Sumner
A middle aged woman standing in front of a colourful generated background
Above: First-hand experience of WEHI’s cancer research outcomes inspired Noel Sumner to leave a gift in her Will.
Find out more about leaving a gift in your Will or for a confidential discussion contact the Future Giving team by email kiley.h@wehi.edu.au or phone 03 9345 2929.

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