Joan Heath-Achievements

Joan Heath-Achievements

Most significant awards

2014 Colin Geary Visiting Professor in Pathology, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
2011 Member, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Most significant grants and funding

2012-2014 Project grant NHMRC: The role of Rnpc3 in U12-type mRNA splicing, gene expression and cancer
2007-2016 Senior Research Fellowship NHMRC
2009-2013 Program grant NHMRC: Colorectal cancer - molecular basis to targeted therapeutics
2007-2010 Project grant NHMRC: Analysing developmental genes for a possible role in cancer
2007-2009 Project grant NHMRC: Development of drug-loaded antibody-targeted nanoparticles to kill colorectal cancer cells

Service to the community

2007-present Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee, CellBank Australia