Ivo Mueller-Projects

Ivo Mueller-Projects


Serological markers of recent exposure to malaria

We are developing serological markers of recent exposure to malaria infections in order to aid elimination of this disease. We are doing so via the measurement of antibody responses in samples from cohort studies conducted in various malaria endemic regions around the world, along with the development of specialised diagnostic algorithms.

Team members: Rhea Longley, Zoe Lui, Jessica Brewster, Michael White (Institut Pasteur)

B cell response in malaria and vaccination

Dr Hayley Joseph and her team are investigating the B cell response in malaria and vaccination. Specifically, the research focuses on production of antigen-specific B cells, reactivation of memory B cells, and kinetics of activation in a malaria murine model.

Dr Joseph is also principal investigator for developing a rapid diagnostic tool for melioidosis, a disease of the tropics.

Improving malaria elimination strategies with genomics

Malaria is caused by different Plasmodium species parasites, which have different biology. P. vivax is common in our region, and can lie dormant in the liver for months, making it hard to detect and treat.

Drug resistance in the parasite can cause treatments not to work, and so we are developing sequencing in P. vivax to find drug resistance markers, and to track infections in one person to see if treatments are failing, or if people are getting new infections.

We are also using long read sequencing to look at genes that people carry in these areas that can also make treatments ineffective, or even dangerous. This will lead to better treatments personalised to different populations.

Team members: Sarah Charnaud, Yi Wan Quah and Lyndal Henden