Pioneering researchers honoured with Academy election

22 May 2016
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Two eminent Walter and Eliza Hall Institute scientists have today been elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science

Breast cancer researcher Professor Geoff Lindeman and molecular immunologist Professor Stephen Nutt were among 21 fellows elected this year for their significant contributions to science.

Their election brings to more than 15 the number of current institute scientists who are fellows of the academy.

Professor Lindeman has spent more than 15 years advancing research aimed at delivering better treatments for breast cancer. His team was the first to identify the culprit progenitor cell responsible for breast cancer in BRCA1 mutation carriers. 

Professor Lindeman said it was extremely rewarding to work as part of a vibrant research team and that he hoped to continue to fulfill the honour bestowed upon him by the academy.

“The potential to make discoveries that benefit many thousands of people is a key driver for me,” he said.

“It’s humbling to see the stellar list of people previously elected to the academy and I hope to continue to live up to the expectations of this important body.”


Professor Nutt has devoted his scientific career to investigating the ‘cell fate determination’ process, making some of the most important findings in this field – including defining the roles of genes Pax5 and Blimp1.

Professor Nutt said he was delighted to be elected to the academy.

“I’m honoured to be associated with the fellowship. I hope I can continue to do my part for medical research and to promote and advance science in Australia,” Professor Nutt said.


Institute director Professor Doug Hilton applauded the recipients and said Professor Lindeman and Professor Nutt were pioneers in their fields.

“Geoff’s research has provided a novel framework for studying the molecular and cellular events that lead to breast cancer, with exciting implications for treatment and prevention,” Professor Hilton said.

“Stephen has made a major impact on both our theoretical understanding of cellular decision-making and in deciphering what goes awry in diseases such as leukaemia and autoimmunity.”

The new fellows will be formally admitted during a ceremony in Canberra on Tuesday 24 May 2016.

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