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This article featured in Illuminate Newsletter Autumn ‘23
Professor Doug Hilton AO

With 2023 well underway, this Autumn issue of Illuminate brings you fresh news of collaboration, curiosity and creativity in research and discovery at WEHI.

We look at The Brain Cancer Centre’s new platform – known as Brain-POP – for conducting clinical trials of brain cancer treatments. The world-first platform was announced just a year after the launch of the centre, founded by Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer and established in partnership with WEHI and with support from the Victorian Government.

Malaria research honoured

We’re delighted to celebrate the awarding of the prestigious CSL Florey Medal to deputy director Professor Alan Cowman AC, honouring his decades-long – and continuing – research into malaria, which has led directly to the development of potential vaccines and new antimalarial treatments.

Brighter together focuses on another aspect of WEHI’s malaria research and how it is being translated where the need is greatest. It’s a great story of collaboration between Professor Ivo Mueller and Dr Rhea Longley and our regional research partners to develop and deploy new tests that take us closer to eliminating the most common form of malaria in the Asia-Pacific region.

Artificial intelligence

WEHI’s new strategic initiatives in artificial intelligence and machine learning, technologies that are set to revolutionise many aspects of biomedical research, are discussed by Professor Tony Papenfuss in our feature story. And no, this column is not (yet) being written by artificial intelligence… but watch this space!

Bright sparks profiles Dr Ueli Nachbur and how his love for biology has helped steer his career from research and discovery to drug development. In other news, we look at a surprising new discovery about the way immune B cells choose which antibodies to make, celebrate a fellowship honour awarded to a trailblazing WEHI cell biologist and explore the role WEHI will play in a new national network empowering First Nations leadership in genomic medicine.

Supercharging support

None of WEHI’s research achievements would be possible without our donors and in Powered by philanthropy I’m very excited to introduce Acceleration Partners, a new philanthropic program designed to supercharge support for projects that are on the cusp of important discoveries. We also acknowledge a very special group of donors: those who choose to leave gifts to WEHI in their Wills.

Happy reading, stay safe and take care.

First published on 15 March 2023
This article featured in Illuminate Newsletter Autumn ‘23
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