Wayne Cawthorne

Wayne Cawthorne is a Bachelor of Advanced Science student at James Cook University, Townsville – 2000km from WEHI. He is also a descendant of the Warrungu people and Djirbal people of Far North Queensland.

Over the 2019/2020 summer, Wayne trained with Dr André Samson in Associate Professor James Murphy’s lab, looking at how disrupting the inner workings of cell can influence necroptotic cell death. In  previous years, he undertaken research into different aspects of cell death with Professor John Silke’s team.

“WEHI’s people are my favourite part of working here. Everyone is really friendly and the positive work culture of the Institute is awesome!”
– Wayne Cawthorne

“Working with the Murphy Lab reinforced my interest in cell biology: I was able to witness firsthand just how much creativity and problem solving is required, especially when you’re working at the forefront of the field,” Wayne said.

Wayne says that CareerTrackers has provided him with a fantastic opportunity to advance his research skills. “Without CareerTrackers, I also would have never met my lab team who have passed on so many skills and advice, and who continually inspire me to progress through my studies,” he said.

“My time at WEHI has inspired me to continue in medical research. At this stage I’m hoping that would involve Honours study, eventually progressing to a PhD.”
– Wayne Cawthorne

CareerTrackers is a national non-profit organisation that creates internship opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students. WEHI has been hosting CareerTrackers students since 2014.

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