Bridget Dorizzi

Bridget is a descendent of the original people of Trowernna (Tasmania) and a proud member of the Lia Pootah Aboriginal Community.

Coming from a small school on the outskirts of Melbourne, and being the first in her family to attend university, she says CareerTrackers has provided a fantastic opportunity to learn about careers in medical research.

“My eyes have been opened to what I can achieve during my degree and I feel so determined to do the best that I can.”
– Bridget Dorizzi

“I’m so grateful to have this amazing opportunity and I now know that research is definitely something I want to pursue in the future,” she said.

Bridget’s internship has been with Dr Rebecca Feltham’s laboratory, looking at how cells degrade cancer-related proteins via a process called ubiquitination.

WEHI’s friendly and supportive culture is Bridget’s favourite aspect of working here.

“It’s so different to studying at university, and I really value collaborating with others, sharing new ideas and learning about everyone’s work.”
– Bridget Dorizzi

“It’s exciting to get good results, and I’m humbled to think my work potentially even lead to new treatments for cancers such as leukaemia.”

CareerTrackers is a national non-profit organisation that creates internship opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students. WEHI has been hosting CareerTrackers students since 2014.

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