Your support allows our researchers to advance the research they dream about and translate their discoveries into disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment for the benefit of the whole community.   
Below is a list of our generous gifts and grants of $1,000 or more received in 2022.   

Centenary donors 

Anonymous (3)   

Leon Davis AO and Annette Davis   

Bodhi Foundation   

Lorenzo and Pam Galli Charitable Trust   

Brian M Davis Charitable Foundation   

Malcolm Broomhead AO   

CSL Limited   

Melbourne Water

David Winston Turner Endowment Fund  

Michael Fitzpatrick AO and Helen Sykes

DHB Foundation   

Robert Connor Dawes Foundation   

Estate of Marion Page   

The Alfred Felton Bequest   

Estate of Peter and Julie Alston   

 The Dyson Bequest  

Estate of Ellen Corin   

 The Metcalf Family  

Professor Gordon K Smyth 

The Stafford Fox Medical Research Foundation

Jane Hemstritch AO   

The University of Melbourne   

John T Reid Charitable Trusts 

The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust   

L.E.W. Carty Charitable Fund   

Thwaites Gutch Trust of Ormond College   



Anonymous (51)  

Judy Roach  

In memory of Adam Thurgar  

June Clapton  

AET Foundation - Tong Family Legacy  

KAM Industries  

Alan Riglar  

Karalee Moore  

Dr Albert Saady  

Karen and Stan Chism  

Alessandra Apostolou  

Kate McConville  

Alexandra Baade-Eames  

Katherine I Behrend  

Alison Neumaier  

Kathleen Johnston AM  

Dr Allan Sturgess  

Kathryn Eccles  

Amy Stephenson (Fundraiser for Stevo)  

Kay Szonert  

Andrea and Geoff Gowers 

Ken Broomhead OAM 

Professor Emeritus Andrew Boyd  

Kerrie Vickers   

Andrew Brookes  

Dr Kerry J Fowler  

Professor Andrew Roberts AM and Jenn Roberts  

Keith Harrison 

Angela Kayser   

Keith Satterley  

Dr Angeli Weller  

KingKids Narre Warren  

Angelo Bladeni  

L R Cazaly Trust  

Ann Hilton-Ley  

Lance Faulkner  

Ann Naylor  

Dr Lawrence Carroll OAM  

Ann Sylvester  

Lee Carter  

Anna Ronaldo  

Leigh Bull and Sue Bull  

Anne Hyslop and Peter Hyslop  

Leon Davis AO and Annette Davis  

Dr Anthony Bothroyd  

Leonard Brear  

Arthur Coates  

Leslie Macdonald  

Ashton Huffam  

Leslie Stephenson  

AWM Electrical  

Lindalee Wares  

6A Foundation  

Lorraine Woolley  

Ballarat Go-Dancing  

Louise Playfair  

Barbara Chandler and John Chandler  

Loyis Voigt  

Barbara Jackson  

Lynette Cochrane 

Barbara Ruse and Mr Peter Ruse  

Margaret Johnson  

Barry Smorgon OAM  

Margaret Prestedge  

Bayley-Grosz Family  

Margaret Ross AM  

Bayside Property Providence  

Margaret Stewart 

Dr Bella Ajayoglu  

Maria Cootes  

Berwick Opportunity Shop  

Marian Evans  

Besen Family Foundation  

Marjorie Wilks  

Bev Brownstein  

Mark Browne  

Bill Burdett AM 

Mark Devlin and Elizabeth Devlin  

Bodhi Foundation  

Mark Whinfield  

Bottoms on the Grass  

Mary Ell and David Ell  

Brien Cohn  

Mary De Verteuil  

Brian Little  

Mary-Ann Cohn  

Brian Moore  

Maurice Kelly and Mary Kelly  

C B Gantner Trust  

Maxine Farrelly  

Caitilin Hawkins  

Mayda Devlin  

Camberwell Ladies Golf Club   

Meg Bentley  

Carmel Liston and Bill Liston  

Meredith Evans and the Late Robert Evans  

Carmella Turrisi (Blue Beanie Ball)  

Meredith Miller  

Carol Royal  

Dr Merrilyn Murnane AM 

Caroline Johnston  

Dr Michael Alpers  

Caroline Richardson  

Mike and Sofie Sewell

Cate West 

Michael Harris and Kelli Garrison  

Catherine Walter AM and John Walter  

Michael Heine and Family  

Cheryl Mattla  

Michael Sojka 

China Construction Bank  

Mideco Jia Pty Ltd

Christine Bishop  

Miriam Vale Golf Club Lady Members  

Christine McConnell and Denis McConnell  

MJ Maughan Foundation  

Christine Pitt  

Morna Vellacott

The late Mr Christopher Daniell  

Murray Jeffs and Anne Jeffs 

C J Greenwood  

Dr Myles Neri and Katrina Nossal  

Claire Routledge  

Nathan Dalton 

Claire Vance and Robert Vance  

Neil Duncan 

Con and Trish Boekel and Family  

Noel McKinnon    

Cowboy Hats for Kate  

Norma Phillips

Craig Perkins Cancer Research Foundation 

Norma Wilkinson

Cyril Evans and Pauline Evans  

Odile Faludi 

Dr D Smith  

Olivia Quinn/SOAP Management 

D & X Williamson Family Charitable Fund  

Pamela Christensen  

Dr Darren Lockie  

Patricia Gatti  

David Kennedy 

Patricia Gaudry 

David Nicholds and Janet Nicholds  

Patrick O'Connor and Nadia Kadlof 

Professor David Penington AC  

Dr Paul Cooper and Jacqui Cooper  

Dayawati Sharan  

Paul Rosen  

Associate Professor Deborah Leach 

Dr Peter Adams and Dr Sheryl Lawson

Deborah Reich  

Phil Marks

Debra Askew  

Dr Phil Marley

Demak Timber and Hardware  

Philip Leahy and Elizabeth Leahy  

Derek and Tammy Butterfield  

Philip Leung

Derek Clapton and Annette Clapton  

Pittwater Golf Club Lady Members  

Derek Morris  

Lady Potter AC    

Dieter Rinke and Maxine Rinke  

Quinn Johansson Foundation

Dimitrios Kalodimos  

R Cripps

Dimmick Charitable Trust  

Rae Foundation

Donald Cant Watts Corke  

Ralph Renard  

Doris Hunter  

Raymond Corrigan  

Dorothy Tagg  

Richard Baker 

Doug Merrifield  

Richard McMullin 

Duncan Smith  

R L Stanton  

Duncan Tuck  

Robert Boscarato II and Karen Boscarato  

Edward Dickinson  

Robert Croft  

Elaine Mann  

Robert Niall

Elaine Montague  

Associate Professor Robert Symons 

Elisabeth Gray  

Robert Warren and Diane Warren   

Elizabeth Abbott 

Professor Emeritus Robin Anders and Dr Margot Anders

Elizabeth Verri   

Robin Yabsley 

Ellie Johnston  

RobMeree Foundation  

Eric Jones Stairbuilding Group  

Dr Rodney O'Keefe 

Ern Dawes OBE OAM and Nola Dawes 

Ron Crook

Estelle Redlich  

Rory Pincott 

Faye Owen  

Rosemary Lucas and Robert Yuen 

Gary Doig 

Rotary Club of Eltham  

Gary Purnell   

Rotary Club of Melbourne  

Geoffrey Board  

Roz Edmond

George Kiossoglou and Glenda Kiossoglou  

Ruth Crutch 

George Rounis  

Sandra Gatt (also see Bottoms on the Grass)  

Gillian Gretgrix  

Sandra Prout

Gillian Montgomery

Sean Rao

Graham Frederickson  

Shane Murphy 

Graham Gilpin   

Dr Shirley MacIntyre  

Professor Gordon Smyth  

Shulanders Group Inc 

Professor Guillaume Lessene and Dr Romina Lessene  

Sonia Gilderdale  

Gundagai Golf Club Lady Members  

Professor Stephen Tyerman

Guthrie Family Trust  

Strathmore Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank

Hanna Fleming  

Stephanie Armstrong  

Haowe Chemicals Ltd  

Stephen Cole 

Heather Beanland and Professor David Beanland 

Stephen Crawford 

Heather White  

Stephen Crowfoot 

Heather Winneke  

Friends and Family of the late Stephen McCoullough

Hearts and Minds Investments Limited and TDM Foundation  

Stuart Bales and Jillian Bales  

Helen Cochrane and Bruce Cochrane  

Sue Clifton

Helen Russell  

Dr Susan Alberti AC 

Helen Kennan  

Susan Alberti Medical Research Foundation  

The Helping Hand Foundation  

Susan Easton-Bond 

Ian Cramer  

Susan Guinane 

Ian Cross  

Susan Kalff

Professor Emeritus Ian Murfet  

Suzanne L Maple-Brown

Irma De Felice 

The Big Screen Company/Race-Tech Australia Pty Ltd 

Ivan Pavlov Pty Ltd  

The Cuthbertson Family Fund

Professor Jacques Miller AC  

The Dyson Bequest  

Jacqui Scheinberg  

The Green Family

James McIntyre  

The Harry Secomb Foundation

Jane Hemstritch AO   

The HMA Foundation 

Janet Richards and Keith Richards 

The Isabel & John Gilbertson Charitable Trust 

Dr Janice Dudley   

The LMH Trust  

Janice Durkin  

The McPhee Charitable Trust

Janine Ferguson  

The Roebuck Foundation  

Jason Bratuskins  

The Stafford Fox Medical Research Foundation

Jean Williamson  

The Valda Klaric Foundation

Jeanette Smith  

The Veith Foundation

Jenifer Murchie  

The Victoria Golf Club Ltd

Dr Jennifer M Y Foong  

The Yulgilbar Foundation

Jennifer Mcmanus  

Tia Snoek  

Jenny Tatchell  

Timothy Boyd  

Jess West  

Timothy Hunt  

John Allsop and Helene Allsop  

TMG Family Fund  

John Chandler  

Tom Stianos and Dr Jenny Papanicolaou

Associate Professor John Collins AM and Mandy Collins  

Tony Ryba

John Dwyer  

Trevor Taylor and Donna Taylor  

John Edward Davies  

Trujon Investment Holdings Pty Ltd  

Emeritus Professor John Finlay-Jones 

Two Sisters Foundation   

John Lesser 

Vinta Investment Management Pty Ltd

Professor John McKenzie AM and Ruth McKenzie  

Virginia Anderson  

John McRae  

Wayne Van Den Meiracker

John Peterson and Tibby Peterson  

The late Wendy Dowsett and Russell French 

Dr John Rogers AM and Margot Rogers  

William Cropley and Elaine Cropley  

The late John Thornton  

Dr William Huffam  

John Walker KC and Angela Walker  

Dr Yifan Zhan  

Jonathan Glass  

Yvonne Clements  

Judy Matear and Family Fund  

Yvonne Gray 



Australian Government grants 

Australian Academy of Science  

Department of Health  

Australian Centre of Research Excellence in Malaria Elimination (ACREME)  

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)  


National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Victorian Government grants 

Cancer Council NSW (CCNSW)

Victorian Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions  


Cancer Council NSW (CCNSW) 

Victorian Cancer Agency (VCA)  



Australian Grants

Anonymous (2) 

L'Oreal Foundation For Women in Science  

Amelia Eliza Holland Trust  

Lung Foundation Australia  

Annemarie and Arturo Gandioli-Fumagalli Foundation  

Marlene Austin Trust  

Arthritis Australia  

Michael Keith Halprin Fund  

Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Trials Group (AGITG)  

MS Research Australia  

Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)**  

National Breast Cancer Foundation  

Australian China Education Foundation  

National Foundation for Australia-China Relations  

Australian Lepidoptera Research Endowment  

National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia  

Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation  

Nell & Hermon Slade Trust  

Australian Respiratory Council  

Norman Ann & Graeme Atkins Charitable Trust  

Breast Cancer Trials  

Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation  

Cancer Australia  

Percy Baxter Charitable Trust  

Cancer Council Victoria (CCV)  

Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation  

Carrie Bickmore's Beanies 4 Brain Cancer Foundation  

Robert Connor Dawes Foundation  

CF Leung Memorial Trust  

Royal Australasian College of Physicians  

Coeliac Australia  

Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia  

Colonial Foundation Limited  

S.T.A.F - Rupert Ethel & Ronald Fraser & Ruby Thomas  


Spotlight Foundation  

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation  

The Alfred Felton Bequest  

Cystic Fibrosis Australia  

The Barbara Luree Parker Foundation   

DHB Foundation  

The CASS Foundation  

Diabetes Australia  

The Eirene Lucas Foundation  

Drakensberg Trust  

The Galbraith Family Charitable Trust-The Donaldson Bequest  

Erica Foundation Pty Ltd  

The Harry Secomb Foundation  


The J Elliston Endowment  

Flicker of Hope Foundation  

The Jack Brockhoff Foundation  

Geok Hua Wong Charitable Trust  

The Jakob Frenkiel Charitable Trust  

Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand  

The Margaret Walkom Bequest  

Harold & Cora Brennen Benevolent Trust  

The Marian & E. H. Flack Trust 

Isabella and Marcus Foundation 

The Medical Advances Without Animals Trust (MAWA)  

Janice and Colin Smith Bequest  

The Norman Beischer Medical Research Foundation  

Janko-Inge Foundation 

The Scobie and Claire Mackinnon Trust  

Joe White Bequest  

The Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation  

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Australia  

The Terry and Maureen Hopkins Foundation  

K & M Foundation for Women  

The Thomas William Francis & Violet Coles Trust  

L.E.W. Carty Charitable Fund  

The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust  

Leukaemia Foundation  

The William Angliss (Victoria) Charitable Fund  

Lions Australia Diabetes Foundation  

Zoe's Fight Foundation Inc  

Gifts in Wills

Anonymous (2)   

Estate of Maxwell Gardiner Helpman   

Agnes Maude Reilly Charitable Trust   

Estate of Michael Sutherland Stansfeld   

Albert H Maggs Charitable Trust   

Estate of Myra Francesca Calio   

Estate of Ann Lang   

Estate of Olive May Thurlby   

Estate of Betty Deller King   

Estate of Patricia Farrant   

Estate of Christopher Hibbert   

Estate of Petar Sember   

Estate of Desmond Edward Sheean   

Estate of Phyllis Ann Grave   

Estate of Eleanor Margrethe Albiston (The Strang Bequest)   

Estate of Sheila Mary Helpman   

Estate of Emily Vera Winder   

Estate of Yvonne Mavis Byrne   

Estate of Ethel Mary Drummond   

Frederick and Winifred Grassick Memorial Fund   

Estate of Florence Mary Young   

Irene & Ronald MacDonald Foundation   

Estate of Harold Raymond Muir   

John Frederick Bransden Charitable Trust   

Estate of Joan Barlow   

Margaret Lewis Reilly Charitable Trust   

Estate of Joan Elizabeth McNamara   

Rigg Memorial Trust   

Estate of John Anthony Simpson   

The C.H. Boden Memorial Trust   

Estate of John Graham Leonard and Margaret Leonard   

The George Thomas & Lockyer Potter Charitable Trust   

Estate of John Richard Thornton   

The Harding-Stern Bequest   

Estate of Lindsay James Baldy   

The Hazel & Pip Appel Fund   

Estate of Lynette Florence Lewis   

Thomas, Annie & Doris Burgess Charity Trust  

Estate of Mary Helena Thompson