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Bridging the gap between laboratory discoveries and commercial innovation

WEHI has research projects in cancer, immunology and infectious diseases, feeding into our robust discovery and development pipeline. We are committed to the translation of our discoveries into improvements in disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

Project nameTherapeutic areasStageMode of action
Safer CAR-T cellsCancerHit DiscoveryCell therapy
High affinity dual-specificity biologicsCancerHit DiscoveryCell therapy
Next generation DC therapyCancerHit DiscoveryCell therapy
pDC therapy for lupusImmunology and inflammationHit DiscoveryInhibitor
Epigenetic inhibitorImmunology and inflammationHit DiscoveryInhibitor
MucolyticsImmunology and inflammationTarget ValidationBiologic
VirPRO – targeting MProGlobal health and infectionHit-to-LeadInhibitor
VirPRO – targeting PLProGlobal health and infectionHit-to-LeadInhibitor
c-FIND – rapid points of care diagnosticGlobal health and infectionHit DiscoveryDiagnostic
Toxoplasma VaccineGlobal health and infectionHit DiscoveryVaccine
Antihelminth therapyGlobal health and infectionHit DiscoveryInhibitor
Precision epigeneticsNeurological disordersHit-to-LeadInhibitor
Preventing cell loss in retinal diseaseNeurological disordersHit DiscoveryInhibitor
Rare genetic disorders diagnosticsNeurological disordersTarget ValidationDiagnostic
IL-11 signalingPlatform technologiesHit DiscoveryBiologic
E3 ligase warheadsPlatform technologiesHit DiscoveryProtein degrader
Genomic orchestration engineDigital healthSuccessful pilotsSoftware

Area contacts

Therapeutic area contact: David Segal

Immunology and inflammation
Therapeutic area contact: Onisha Patel

Global heath and infection
Therapeutic area contact: Victoria Jameson

Neurological disorders
Therapeutic area contact: Leo Lui

Platform technologies
Therapeutic area contact: Leo Lui

Ubiquitin and drug discovery
Therapeutic area contact: Janet Yeo

Digital health
Therapeutic area contact: Michelle Kleynhans

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To discuss partnering opportunities and collaborations please contact our team.

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