Scientific integrity

Scientific integrity

Scientist holding test tube sample in lab
We seek to:
  • Promote the integrity of scientific literature by correcting errors whether they are accidental or deliberate.
  • Foster integrity in the practice of science by taking appropriate remedial action in cases of scientific misconduct.

Good scientific practice

Statements on research practice have been developed to foster scientific integrity at WEHI. All staff, students and visiting scientists are required to adhere to this policy and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.


Our advisors on integrity in research can provide confidential advice on what constitutes misconduct in research and options open to a potential complainant.

The Institute’s advisors (as at September 2016 ) are:

Scientific misconduct

Concerns regarding scientific misconduct, including published materials or specific researchers, should be directed to a designated person, as listed below.

If an allegation of scientific misconduct is made to a designated person, their role is to advise the Institute director whether the allegation can be dismissed or further action is required.

The designated person will review the allegation, together with any evidence presented, and may obtain further information. Allegations will only be dismissed if the designated person believes, with a high degree of confidence, that research misconduct has not occurred.

Where the allegation cannot be dismissed, the designated person will advise WEHI's director to establish investigations necessary to substantiate or refute the allegations, as describe in the Institute’s Policy and Procedure on Good Scientific Practice.

WEHI’s designated persons (as at September 2016) are:

Further information

David Vaux presenting

Professor David Vaux presents the Institute's policy and procedure on good scientific practice