Start-up companies

Start-up companies

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We have established several companies to facilitate research translation and to promote collaboration. These are some examples of start-up companies which have been created with intellectual property developed at the Institute.

IonOpticks logo IonOpticks

IonOpticks produces state-of-the-art nanoflow UHPLC columns that radically improve the results from LC-MS-based proteomics. 

Spun out of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in 2017, IonOpticks' products provide a unique ability to enhance the sensitivity of biological sample analysis, enabling scientists to achieve a 25 per cent improvement in performance compared to other commercially available solutions.

Developed for analytical applications in medical research such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease and other age-related diseases, IonOpticks' innovative chromatography columns have since been adopted in labs based in 32 different countries across all settings including academia, medical research and the pharmaceutical sector.

Anaxis Pharma logo
Anaxis Pharma Pty Ltd

Anaxis Pharma Pty Ltd is an Australian Biotech company developing novel inhibitors / modulators of cell death, specifically necroptosis, an inflammatory form of programmed cell death.

As an innovative joint venture between Synthesis Research and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, we leverage the extensive expertise and capabilities of the Institute, with the medicinal chemistry experience available to SYNthesis Research.


Genera Biosystems logoGenera Biosystems Limited

An Australian publicly listed company (ASX: GBI) that develops and commercialises multiplexed molecular diagnostic tests, based upon its proprietary AmpaSandTM bead-based technology.

Genera’s first product on sale is PapTypeTM, a highly competitive molecular diagnostic test for the simultaneous detection and genotyping of the 14 high-risk types of human papillomavirus (HPV) and RTIplex, a multiplexed test for 15 pathogens of the upper respiratory tract. The company has a number of other products in its development pipeline.


Catalyst TherapeuticsCatalyst Therapeutics logo

Catalyst Therapeutics Pty Ltd, founded in 2012, is a joint venture between the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and SYNthesis Research Pty Ltd. The company facilitates and accelerates the commercialisation of small molecule drug discoveries originating at the Institute.


Lab equipment

Small molecule modulators of key necroptosis proteins discovered at WEHI have been developed and commercialised through collaborative partnerships.